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Unlock Your Legacy Now:

Transforming Your Leadership Impact with Certified High-Performance Coaching.

Are you a distinguished C-suite leader, successful by all external measures yet secretly wrestling with a sense of unfulfillment? Do you find yourself yearning for a deeper purpose, a chance to leave a legacy and make a profound difference in the world? The constant whirlwind of demands, the unrelenting pace of change, and the blurred lines between work and life can easily lead to burnout, leaving you drained and disconnected.

Elevate Your Excellence

Amidst the chaos emerges a transformative path that champions your desire for significance—the Certified High-Performance Coaching (CHPC) program. Our meticulously crafted suite of coaching modules is designed to empower leaders like you to break free from the shackles of mundane success and embrace a life infused with passion, aliveness, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Your Transformational Journey:





It is designed exclusively for visionaries like you who demand more from themselves and are unwaveringly committed to doing what it takes. CHPC is not just coaching; it's a transformational journey that empowers you to reclaim your energy, courage, influence, clarity, and productivity at an unprecedented level.

A Commitment to Extraordinary

Certified High-Performance Coaching isn't merely a program; it signifies a profound shift in perspective. We challenge you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, pushing the boundaries of what you deem possible. Our sessions are laser-focused on singular topics, yielding actionable outcomes that ignite transformation. Each session acts as a stepping stone, guiding you closer to your unique legacy.

The Science of Success

Our approach is grounded in science and supported by evidence. We recognize that genuine success involves working smarter, not harder. By embracing our challenge-based methodology, you can achieve your goals without compromising well-being or relationships. On average, leaders who've embraced this journey have reclaimed almost 3 hours daily to craft their legacy, nurture relationships, and nurture their vitality.

Results That Resonate

Differing from generic "lifestyle coaching," Certified High-Performance Coaching delivers tangible outcomes. Our clients don't just talk; they tangibly transform. The proof lies in their remarkable satisfaction. This transcends coaching; it's about becoming an architect of your legacy.

Your Legacy Beckons

Embark on a transformative experience that transcends misery and resonates with the desire to make a lasting impact. If you're prepared to achieve more and be more—to harness your energy, courage, influence, and clarity—then the Certified High-Performance Coaching journey is your next step.

Unleash Your Legacy Today

Discover a realm where success aligns with significance, where achievement merges with purpose. The journey commences now. Embrace the coaching that catalyzes life-changing transformations—forever.

The Legacy You Desire Awaits…

3 different ways: 



The Core

The Charge

The Declaration

The Leadership



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Fire up your team with

an experience with both

humor and challenge

and ready-to-

implement strategies.

Fire it up

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Skill Up

Mental Mindset




Success Planning 


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-4 simple steps to have it all without sacrificing yourself

At Launch Price For Just $7


This is a personal development book, but more so, it is about you designing a better life for yourself and those you love. An everyday life that brings you joy, energy, rewards, and even peace in life and career.
Do you feel like you're just going through the motions in life? Do you want to break free from the limitations holding you back and create a life that truly fulfills you? Then this book is for you.
So, welcome to a journey of self-discovery and transformation! 
If You Want Success, Be Happy!

Eduardo Silva

"If you haven't met Majbrit Bøttger, reading her new book will leave you wishing you can very soon! 'If you want success, be happy' is a delicious invite into Majbrit's transformative life experiences and the practices she developed to drive a more fulfilling life for herself, something she later successfully brought to her many clients. Once you read the book, and practice the insightful exercises she shares, it will also transform your life. And you will learn about the worst way ever to order pizza! "

Gert Lisbjerg

The book "IF YOU WANT SUCCESS, BE HAPPY" is a must-have for business people who want to achieve the next level of their goals and potential. I love that the book is so actionable and gives a practical guide to creating a transformation in your life.
The book provides many rewarding tools and techniques to overcome the challenges you face in your personal life and career. This book is necessary for business people who want to take responsibility for their lives. If you have to take a book with you in your suitcase on your life's journey, it is "IF YOU WANT SUCCESS, BE HAPPY!"

Rannvá Clarlund

The best way for me to describe the book is that it is: A Self-Improvement Bouillon Cube! Majbrit has managed to make the book easy to read despite the compressed information. And the book is more than just information. Majbrit's personal stories and the online worksheets give you concrete actions that you can implement in your life immediately. Check it out!

The 4 steps in the book

Create Your Vision

Creating your vision is the first step toward achieving your goals. You will learn how to clarify your vision and develop a plan to achieve it. With the guidance of your coach and the support of a group of like-minded individuals, you can gain clarity and focus on what truly matters to you.

Optimizing Your Health

We will optimize your health; this is where we eliminate the fatigue, the blow, the extra weight, and the excuses that hold you back from feeling energized, sexy, and motivated to do your best work.

Take Command

Taking command of your life means letting go of the fear, the stress, the negativity, and all the other things that hold us back so that we can feel confident, organized, and in control of our lives and choices. 

Fuel Your Resilience

We are going to fuel your resilience. We will create high-performance skills and practices, so you can face the challenges and obstacles - that will come - because your resilience and motivation will never be broken again. 


Få mit Gratis Nyhedsbrev, “Passion & Purpose”, og start med at møde op, som den bedste udgave af dig selv.



My name is Majbrit Bøttger and I am one out of 200 elite certified High Performance Coaches in the world.

I have been working with the High Performance Concept since 2012 and my story began when my life got knocked out of balance...I was a mess! It wasn't something that just happened, I was slowly falling apart and some of the people closest to me had repeatedly asked if I was okay, but they all got the same answer "I'm fine, it's just a phase it will pass"...

Read the rest of my story!

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I’m very thankful to Majbrit for her commitment, energy and excellent coaching techniques which has left me with more confidence, focus and energy to achieve my end goals and helped me get back to the performance level I expect of myself. 

Gavin Sherwood

Testimonial by Gavin Sherwood

One of Majbrits great forces is her ability to adapt to the situation and still burn through, she grasps the present, the situation and makes you feel like the most important person in the world, and by that allowing you to become the best version of yourself. 

Ronni Berlau

Testimonial by Ronni Berlau

The coaching Majbrit gave me provided me with tools and guidance on how to change my way of doing things and be better at handling the situations I am facing. I found that Majbrit during this period of my life was supportive, present, competent and highly skilled and I will highly recommend her as a personal coach. 

Gitte Rahbæk

Testimonial by Gitte Rahbæk

I was away from work for a month and it was only because of the coaching from Majbrit that I made such a fast recovery. She gave some tools and some tasks to do every day and after just a week I already felt better, I could breathe more easily, began sleeping at night and was more focused.

Vibeke Sommer

Testimonial by Vibeke Sommer

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