My name is Majbrit Bøttger and I am one out of 200 elite certified High Performance Coaches in the world.

I have been working with the High Performance Concept since 2012 and my story began when my life got knocked out of balance...I was a mess! It wasn't something that just happened, I was slowly falling apart and some of the people closest to me had repeatedly asked if I was okay, but they all got the same answer "I'm fine, it's just a phase it will pass". I knew I was under a lot of pressure with a divorce, moving to the other end of the country, new job and the adjustment to being a single mother, but my motto was there's only one way and that is through and up to that point in my life I had never known that not to be true.

BUT...I had also never been in a situation quite as chaotic as this. In reality I had no idea how to handle it and one morning I woke up and realized that I had lost my willpower, my courage and definitely my overview. I felt completely lost and my three girls at only 3, 6 and 9 at the time was paying the price for my lack of ability to ask for help. They were in a new place far away from everything familiar and they watched their only "foundation" fall apart and be completely passive and withdrawn. Three little girls crying because their mom was miserable and all they wanted to do was help...but they couldn't. That was so hard to witness and I felt like a complete failure... I couldn't even figure out how to be a mother!

This only lasted for a couple of months and the girls got through fine, but it was the longest couple of months in my life and standing in the middle of it without knowing when it was going to end just added to the stress. 

Then light broke through...

Right in the middle of this chaos I met my coach, the brain behind the high performance concept, the founder of High Performance Institute and author Brendon Burchard and that turned out to be a gigantic wake-up call that taught me that no matter how strong we are or think we are we sometimes need a third party to give us a new perspective, some tools and some strategies that we can work with and that will provide the flow and the stability needed in order to move forward.

He made me realize that the only way to regain control of my life was to generate it myself and he gave me all the tools and strategies I needed to do so. The same tools and strategies that are the common denominator for the most successful people in the world. That helped me reach a whole new level of energy, engagement, presence, productivity and joy. It was far beyond what I could ever have imagined and that is when I decided I want to help others so they don't have to go through what I went through but rather experience the feeling of freedom that comes with living a life of surplus, energy, and joy - every day!

Now you can benefit from this process...

You can take your life to the next level and (re)gain control, energy and joy. You can become what I call a HIGH PERFORMER...

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High Performance Living was founded in 2017 by Majbrit Bøttger. 

In 2012, Majbrit went down with stress and hit rock bottom. The concept of high performance helped her get back, not just to the life before stress, but to an even higher level of confidence, engagement, enthusiasm and joy. 

Majbrit created the company with the sole purpose of helping others to reach their full potential and be the best possible version of them self, so they can experience a life with sustained and heightened level of joy, energy, surplus and meaningfulness.

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