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#19: 3 Tips for Finding a Great Mentor!

mentorship Feb 26, 2023

Everyone needs teachers and anything you want to better understand can be taught through mentorship. Mentors are part of the fast-track and real-world connections you need to master anything from baking the perfect pie to creating the perfect website. Mentors are worth their weight in gold.


Finding a good mentor takes time. Paid mentorships are available but sometimes the best things in life are free, and there isn’t a need to pay for mentorship when there are plenty of qualified people who are willing to help.


In order for mentorship to be a proper give-and-take, it’s important to consider these aspects:


  • Mentors need to know their stuff
  • Mentors need to be accessible
  • Mentors need to know you are invested
  • Mentors need to know you value their time
  • Mentors need to see your progress


Note: Mentors don’t want to waste their time, so it’s important to make sure mentors know how invested you are in their help and let them see your progress.


Here are 3 tips for finding and securing a great mentor.


Tip #1: Ask around. What you speak about, comes about. Finding a great mentor is all about networking. Some mentorships are formalized with application processes, but many mentorships happen organically by word of mouth. Make your needs known to the people in your circles and someone may have a connection to the perfect mentor for your needs. A referral from an inside track is always the best way to meet and connect with a mentor.


Tip #2: Be tenacious. If you want someone to be your mentor, it’s a good time to be bold and tenacious. A mentor is going to have to give up a lot to help you succeed. It is important that you be bold and make it obvious that you are worth the time and effort. Be willing to go after the mentorship and let the mentor know how much you appreciate the opportunity and what they can expect from you as a mentee.


Tip #3: Show up powerfully. Mentors are encouraged and motivated by progress. There is a certain amount of pride that comes from seeing someone you mentor making changes and put the information to practical use. Show up powerfully and take action, and your mentor will be encouraged to keep pouring their experience into yours.


There are lots of ways to find a mentor, including paying for mentorships or working for free. Finding a great mentor is half the battle. Do your part to be a great candidate for mentorship and you’ll find yourself meeting with the perfect people who have plenty of wisdom to share.


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