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#31: Is Saying YES Making You Sick? Say No for Better Health!

freedom of no May 21, 2023

You’ve heard the term having a gut feeling, right? Our bodies are designed with an internal system that alerts us when things aren’t right. This can be called intuition, inner guidance, or whatever term you use. This inner knowing helps us pay attention when something is a good idea or better left on the table. Listening to your inner guidance can help you make decisions that help, not hurt. Relying on this system can keep you healthy and avoid health issues that come from making poor choices. 

That’s right, poor choices can cause health problems. Sure, smoking and eating too much causes health issues, but so do other things like overdoing it with too much exercise and saying yes to too many obligations. Sometimes too much of a good thing can make you sick. If you have the tendency to say yes too much, saying no can make you healthier. 

Here’s why: 

Saying no gives you time to rest- There are unlimited causes in the world that could use your help. There are also unlimited opportunities to support others, but there is only one you and only 24 hours in a day. If too many people and too many commitments pull on you, you’ll likely spread yourself too thin and end up sick, depressed, or checking out under the pressure. Rest is a vital component of your health. It restores your physical body as well as your mind. Making rest a priority can help you set boundaries and say no when there simply isn’t enough time to fit everything in. Make rest time a mandatory part of your life and find freedom in saying no to things that are more than you can handle in a reasonable amount of time. 

Saying no makes you easier to be around- No one likes a sourpuss. Saying yes to too many things can wear you down and break your happy spirit. Being a cheerful contributor is easier when you are rested and feel excited to help. Doing things purely out of obligation can cause anxiety, depression, and avoidance that might not exist if you weren’t saying yes too much. Saying no means you can set limits and choose wisely when making commitments. Being more intentional about your time and what you say yes to will help you feel empowered rather than drained. Your mental health is as important as your physical health and saying no sometimes will improve your mental health. 

Sometimes overwhelm masquerades as an illness- Studies have shown that many physical and mental symptoms improve when the environment changes. This means something like a backache, stomach pain, or other aches may not be caused by physical issues. Sometimes things like headaches, chronic colds, or other pain are caused by over-commitment that creates anxieties and physical symptoms. It’s like nature's way of trying to get you to take it easy and stop overworking yourself. Cutting back on what you say yes to can help you relieve symptoms you thought were physical. If you have chronic pain or tend to check out via headaches or digestive issues, it may be due to saying yes too much. 

Saying yes too much can cause physical symptoms you don’t have to live with. By cutting back on your commitments and embracing the freedom of saying no, you can alleviate physical and mental symptoms that are wearing you down.

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