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#27: How Mindfulness Can Help Your Relationships! mindfulness Apr 23, 2023

Humans are pack animals.

Aside from being off the grid in the remote Arctic Outback, we are all in relationships. These relationships range from intimate to casual depending on the value we place on them. Being mindful can enhance all relationships and make them easier and more meaningful. 

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#26: Easy Ways to Excel with Excellence! excellence Apr 16, 2023

Use the following steps to help you excel with your commitment to excellence. 

Always give more than what is asked of you - when someone asks for help with a certain task or chore be prepared to go that one step further. If a neighbor needs help moving old furniture out of the house, offer...

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#25: How Our Limitations Are Created! push your limits Apr 09, 2023

Where do limits originate? 

We’ve all felt them. We reach for a goal, only to stop short. We call that stoppage or limit. All too often we don’t stop to analyze the origin of the limit or whether it’s a limit at all. The problem is if you don’t understand how the...

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#24: 5 Brain Hacks to Build Self-confidence! self-confidence Apr 02, 2023

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you want. We find ourselves caught up in a slew of obligations involving everything from work to taking care of our families. At the end, who has time to better themselves? 

Or are there enough hours after all? 

If your...

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