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#3: Do You Practice Mindfulness? mindfulness Nov 06, 2022

Have you heard of mindfulness? Is it something you practice regularly? If you’re new to the concept, or don’t remember to be mindful, getting into the habit can have a big impact on how content you feel. Let’s take a look at what mindfulness is and more importantly what it has...

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#2: 4 Simple Strategies for Becoming a Better Leader! leadership Oct 30, 2022

Do you aspire to be a good leader?

Maybe you're a bit nervous by the thought. You might be overwhelmed or think leaders are born not made. But you can learn to be a good leader by learning some simple strategies.

Think of the leaders you know who you respect and admire. Chances are, they all...

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#1: The Value of Mentorships - At Any Age! mentorship Oct 23, 2022

Life-long learning is important. Whether sourcing information online, going to classes or taking an e-course, there are many ways to learn. Throughout life, we learn new and exciting things that add to our overall knowledge. Most of us could be considered experts in more than one thing and...

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