THE DECLARATION is less academic and more philosophical in its structure. This is about personal freedom. The feeling of being able to be the person you want to be without being caught up in social "oppression", own limiting beliefs and fears. These sessions are both more ambitious and decision-making, which is necessary in order to declare and live your own authentic self!

You can see a description of the sessions further down the page.

Certified High Performance Coaching is for you, if you want more AND are willing to do the work. This is ADVANCED PERFORMANCE COACHING and it requires self-insight and a willingness to move boundaries both personally and professionally. If you can dedicate yourself to it and trust the process, then I guarantee that you will get a higher level of happiness, life satisfaction and meaningfulness that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

NOTE: To start "THE DECLARATION", a minimum of "THE CORE" MUST be completed.



  • Scientifically based curriculum
  • Clearly defined outcome for each session
  • Transitions and follow-ups that create a tremedous amount of value 
  • Challenge-based and forward-oriented approach



Certified High Performance Coaching is very different from "lifestyle coaching" which is client-driven more than outcome-driven. That's one of the reasons why customers report such a high level of satisfaction with this program - they get results!

  • There are 12 sessions at any given level
  • Each session has a specific topic and a clearly defined outcome
  • We will typically meet on Zoom twice a month at a fixed time
  • After the session you will receive a summary email with high lights and bullet points on what to focus on 
  • You will also receive the worksheet that belongs to the session. This worksheet is intended for self-evaluation and reflection.
  • You can choose to have the sessions recorded and have them sent to you as mp3 
  • You have access to all worksheets in our app
  • You will get reminders of your commitments between sessions to ensure implementation



INDIVIDUAL DKK 174.500,- ex. 25% VAT 

GROUP UP TO 7 PEOPLE 769.500,- ex. 25% VAT 

Deltag i 1-1 Coaching i 12 uger/sessioner:

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Personal Freedom

Our goal this session is to identify what would make you feel even more free and happy in the present moment, and to begin shaping
an even more ideal future vision for you. It’s about feeling and achieving a sense of freedom.
The world’s highest performers have a high sense of what they call Personal Freedom, an ability to express their true selves and pursue
their dreams without so much doubt. They are free: they don’t hold themselves back so much; or allow others to either.


Our goal this session is to continue our conversations about what the ideal future would be like for you, but to specifically address any
fears you might have about pursuing your goals as boldly as you are capable of.
The world’s highest performers deal with fear well. They are aware of their fears, and instead of trying to become completely fearless,
they actively anticipate and manage their own fears because they can see beyond them. That’s why research shows they have so much


Our goal this session is to identify what would make you feel even more motivated. We’ll talk about your ambitions and the habits
you have for sustaining motivation over the long haul. I know we’ve discussed these themes before, but I feel it would serve you to get
even more bold and tactical in this area, especially as you have big goals coming up.
The world’s highest performers have a remarkable ability to dream big and sustain long-term motivation.


Our goal this session is to check in on your presence – your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness - and to see how
engaged and empowered you feel in the major roles of life.
The world’s highest performers have remarkable level of presence. They are mindful to their personal experience and
at the same time fully engaged in the roles they play as leaders, parents, caregivers, and contributors.

Reclaim Your Agenda

Our goal this session is to identify what you want your life agenda to really be about, and to discover where you might be able to live
even more purposefully. Because staying true to yourself and your own path or mission is a mark of greatness and Personal Freedom.
The world’s highest performers work hard to be authentic and stay faithful to their mission. They become great by taking the reigns of
their day back from distractions, conformity or needless obligations. And that’s not always easy.


Our goal this session is to identify what Brendon Burchard calls “Defiance,” that internal resistance we feel that sabotages our ability to
grow or connect. Defiance is sort of like our internal demons of doubt, the things preventing us from doing what we know we should do.
The world’s highest performers work hard to deal with this, because they know they can be their own worst enemy. They know it’s
important to “get out of their own way.”

Advance With Abandon

Our goal this session is to discuss ways that you might be able to advance more boldly or consistently toward your dreams. We’ll also
talk about how you can finish the important projects you’re working on more quickly and without hesitation.
The world’s highest performers are decisive, and they are bold in getting things done at a pace that is often faster than their own
perfectionism would allow. They’re taking action just ahead of their real capabilities and preferences.

Joy And Gratitude

Our goal this session is to really think about how we can bring even more positive emotion and experiences into your life.
The world’s highest performers strive to stay positive and consciously create moments of joy and gratitude. In fact, high performers
worldwide share that joy is one of the three defining states of high performance, along with full engagement and confidence.


Our goal this session is to discuss the topic of integrity. It’s about checking-in to see if you are being congruent and where you feel you
are compromising or rising up. Integrity is about having intention and commitment for who we wish to be, how we want to treat
others, what we wish to give—it’s about living our truth and being our most truthful and consistent selves.
The world’s highest performers work hard to live with integrity. They know what that means to them, and they filter their decisions and
actions through that lens so that they don’t compromise or become someone they don’t want to be.


Our goal this session is to help you connect to your heart and deepen your most important relationships. We’re going to talk about love
today – how you express your heart and how you show up for those you love most.
The world’s highest performers deeply care about others and prioritize the value of love in their lives.


Our goal this session is to identify what greatness means to you, and how you could inspire others to live a life of greatness as well.
The world’s highest performers seek to hold high standards for themselves and others.

Slow Time

Our goal this session is see where you can become even more mindful and appreciative of the simple moments of life. It’s to help you
find more of that joy and Personal Freedom that makes all the work so worth it.
The world’s highest performers develop great awareness to their senses and environment, and they learn to slow down and zoom into
moments that matter.

Read about THE LEADERSHIP here!

Med tillid fra...

Carsten Ørris Jeppesen

Owner, Tekstgaragen

For nogle måneder siden holdt jeg et get-to-know-kaffemøde online med Majbrit. Mødet gik godt, og samtalen flød let og af sig selv – så da hun foreslog mig et coachingforløb, sagde jeg ja tak. I forvejen havde jeg i et stykke tid ledt efter en erhvervscoach at sparre med.

I dag priser jeg mig lykkelig for, at jeg sagde ja:

Selv om jeg havde høje forventninger, overgik hun dem allerede i første session. Majbrit er nemlig skarp på en kærlig-humoristisk måde, jeg bare må overgive mig til: Gang på gang lytter hun koncentreret til det, jeg fortæller hende (og som jeg tror, jeg selv har fuldstændig styr på). Når jeg har talt færdig, skyder hun straks et totalt afvæbnende spørgsmål tilbage i bøtten på mig:

Hun gennemskuer, når jeg bilder mig selv et eller andet rosenrødt ind. Eller når jeg alligevel ikke har gennemskuet tingenes rette sammenhæng i min business eller mit liv. Eller hvis jeg – bevidst eller ubevidst – forsøger at stikke hende en plade og svare glat udenom et eller andet ømtåleligt.

Og du vil opdage det samme.

Men det sjove er … at det er FEDT. For det flytter noget:

Det flytter dét, som reelt trænger til at blive flyttet – mentalt eller helt konkret og fysisk. Du må aldrig forveksle Majbrits gode grin (okay, skraldlatter), smil, humor og let-at-være-sammen-med-jargon med, at I ”bare” hygger og hænger ud. Hun er på. Hele tiden. Og taler dig aldrig efter munden. Hvad det end er for en særlig business- og menneskekenderradar hun er udstyret med, så er den toptunet og fanger alle signaler.

Eksempelvis indledte jeg vores sessioner med et – troede jeg selv – fuldstændig klart mål for, HVAD jeg ville ændre på i mit arbejdsliv. Jeg er i al ubeskedenhed voldsomt (selv)reflekteret og følte egentlig, at jeg havde styr på de overordnede linjer: Det stod klart for mig, hvad jeg havde brug for hendes hjælp til … og nu var det bare om at gå i gang.

Men jeg tog fejl. Og det gennemskuede hun stort set øjeblikkeligt – og fik mig (til min egen forbløffelse) til at indse: Det, jeg troede, vi skulle tale om, var aktuelt ikke det vigtigste. Og at hun  hurtigt lurede noget hos mig, som jeg ikke selv havde regnet ud, betød, at jeg hurtigt fattede tillid til hendes kompetencer – og vilje til at gøre hvad som helst for at hjælpe mig optimalt i mål.

Forløbet hos Majbrit har været én lang kæde af afgørende selvindsigter for mig. Og resultatet er til at tage at føle på:

Uanset om jeg sidder i mine egne tanker eller er til møde med en ny kunde, har jeg i dag markant bedre styr på, hvad jeg har brug for at gøre og sige – for at komme sikkert og ærligt i mål. Jeg har langt større indsigt i, hvad jeg IKKE vil være med til, og hvordan jeg kommunikerer, hvad jeg VIL være med til i stedet.

Selv om jeg i udgangspunktet – før vi gik i gang med sessionerne – følte mig i balance med mig selv om mine businessmål, kan jeg i dag se, at dét ikke stak så dybt, som det gør i dag. Det giver mig en ny ro og struktur – og større sikkerhed i mine beslutninger.

Med andre ord:

Hvis jeg var dig, ville jeg være forsigtig med at kontakte Majbrit.

Du risikerer nemlig – som mig – at opdage, at du ikke kan undvære hendes sparring.

Kom ikke og sig, jeg ikke advarede dig.

Ronni Berlau


"Coaching?…  Det er noget andre har brug for, har jeg mange gange tænkt ved mig selv, og i mit første møde med Majbrit Bøttger kunne jeg godt mærke, at min ”modvilje” mod coaching rumsterede lidt rundt i baggrunden. Men, fordi Majbrit evnede at brænde igennem med et nærvær, en ildhu og ægthed jeg ikke har mødt så tit, valgte jeg at takke ja til et High Performance Coaching forløb.

Forløbet består af 12 sessioner med hver deres unikke indhold som arbejder både på det fysiske såvel som det mentale plan, og hver session kan både bruges enkeltstående og i kombination med hinanden.

Jeg har således fået 12 værktøjer i min personlige værktøjskasse, der tilfører såvel arbejdsliv som privatliv stor værdi. Jeg blev udfordret og udviklede mig ved hver eneste session, så motivationen for at gennemføre og få det bedste ud af forløbet forblev intakt hele vejen igennem.

Majbrit Bøttgers store force er hendes evne til at tilpasse sig situationen og stadigvæk brænde igennem, hun griber nuet, situationen og får netop dig til at føle dig som den allervigtigste person i verden og dermed får dig til at være den bedste udgave af dig selv.

Selv på de få dage hvor jeg ikke var helt på toppen ved starten af sessionen, endte det hver eneste gang med, at jeg sad tilbage med positivitet, fornyet energi og drive.

Så gør noget godt for dig selv, din energi og personlige udvikling, tag et High Performance Living forløb hos Majbrit Bøttger."  

Deltag i 1-1 Coaching i 12 uger/sessioner:

Betalingen kan deles op i 3 rater

TILMELD DIG LIGE HER! Betal over 3 rater

To start "THE DECLARATION", a minimum of "THE CORE" MUST be completed.