Are you struggling to stay focused, get ahead, or reach the next level?  

Do you lack time, surplus, overview or vision?

If you are, you are certainly not alone. We live in a world with a fast information flow that is hard to navigate while meeting the high demands for productivity, readiness, human surplus, perfection, and the increasingly fluid balance between work and life.

The Certified High-Performance Coaching (CHPC) programs:


is for you if you want more AND are willing to do what it takes.

This is an advanced level of coaching and requires self-insight and a willingness to push your boundaries both personally and professionally. If you can dedicate yourself and trust the process, I guarantee that you will get to a level of energy, courage, influence, clarity, and productivity that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


- It is a science- and evidence-based curriculum.

- ONE topic and a clearly defined outcome for each session.

- Transitions and follow-ups that create a value you can not imagine.

- A challenge-based and forward-looking approach.

Certified High-Performance Coaching is completely different from the well-known "lifestyle coaching" which is client-driven more than outcome-driven. That is one of the reasons why customers report such a high level of satisfaction with this program.

- They get results!



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You will get 12 sessions each with a specific topic and a clearly defined outcome.

A short video that describes the session and how to use the worksheets.

Videos and worksheets are also available in the app

You can see a description of all the sessions at each level by clicking "Read More Here" for any chosen level.


These worksheets are essential for your growth.

Completing the worksheets will take you from conceptual to fundamental understanding.  

 This will help you implement the strategies you learn during the sessions and ensure you are consistent in using them.

Don't EVER skip these 😉


The 1-1 coaching sessions are typically 60 minutes and can be physical or via Zoom.

In the 1-1 format we will follow the sequence of the process. 

You will have access to join the group sessions (optional). 

 In the group sessions, you are not limited to one topic but can ask any question that is relevant to you.

Trusted by...

Never confuse Majbrit's laugh (okay, big laugh), smile, humor, and easy-to-be-around style for "just" having fun and hanging out.

She's on. All the time. And never hold back just to spare you.

Whatever kind of particular business and people radar she is equipped with, it is top tuned and captures all signals.

In other words: If I were you, I would be wary of contacting Majbrit.

You risk - like me - discovering that you can not do without her sparring.

Don't say I did not warn you.

 - Carsten Ørris Jeppesen

I'm not usually the kind of person that goes to see a coach, it's kinda too… You know, fluffy, right?!

So when I started I was a little suspicious, a little in doubt, about whether it was a good investment of time and money.

This is not a done-for-you deal. Majbrit asks you those questions you need, to find your own truth.

This fact has been my greatest aha moment:

That I had a lot of the answers in me already I just needed to get the right questions.

She is razor-sharp and notices immediately if you try to avoid a topic or question. She knows and will teach you that it´s in the difficult questions there is most to gain.

There is nothing fluffy about it.

 - Eva Karina Lemvig Jensen

What's the Value of The Fast Client Formula?
Well, you've just seen it from my clients.  
Not only have some of my clients made a fortune with this formula, but more importantly they are:
  •   Making an Impact
  •   Doing What They Love
  •   Role Models To Their Families and Communities
  •   Serving Their Communities
  •   Getting Paid To Help Clients They Care About
Is there a more noble profession in the world than becoming a coach, speaker, or expert?
I don't believe there is, but I do believe in You.
I believe it's your time.
I believe this program isn't just worth thousands, I believe it is worth hundreds of thousands.
Because the cost of not living one's passion and serving others is to great for some people to even stomach. 
You have an opportunity right here right now today to take advantage of this One Time Offer. You will never see this offer again.
It's $497 and TODAY, you can get it for a simple One Time Payment of $37. 

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Modul 3

Mentalt Mindset

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Majbrit was able to burn through with a presence, enthusiasm, and authenticity you don't get to see often. That is the main reason I chose Majbrit as my coach.

The course consists of 12 sessions, each with its own unique content that works on both the physical as well as mental levels, and each session can be used both individually and in combination with each other.

I was challenged and grew at every single session, so the motivation to complete and get the best out of the course remained intact throughout.

Majbrit's great force is her ability to adapt to the situation and still burn through, she grasps the present, and the situation and makes you feel like the most important person in the world so that you become the best version of yourself.

Even on the few days when I was not quite up for it, it ended up every single time that I sat back with positivity, renewed energy, and drive.

So do something good for yourself, your energy, and your personal development, and go through the High-Performance Coaching process with Majbrit Bøttger.

- Ronni Berlau