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Coaching i 12 sessioner med Q & A foregår på Zoom to gange om ugen i 12 måneder med start fra uge 51:

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6 Modules With Worksheets

2 Bonus Modules 


Skill Up
Mental Mindset 
Lead with love 
Success Planning 


Bonus Video 1
The 3 Types Of Fear... And How To Work Around Them
Bonus Video 2
How To Know When To Say Yes And Engage In A Task 


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-4 simple steps to have it all without sacrificing yourself

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This is a personal development book, but more so, it is about you designing a better life for yourself and those you love. An everyday life that brings you joy, energy, rewards, and even peace in life and career.
Do you feel like you're just going through the motions in life? Do you want to break free from the limitations holding you back and create a life that truly fulfills you? Then this book is for you.
So, welcome to a journey of self-discovery and transformation! 
-4 simple steps to have it all without sacrificing yourself.
For Just $7 

Få mit Gratis Nyhedsbrev, “Passion & Purpose”, og start med at møde op, som den bedste udgave af dig selv.

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Online Courses:

Kan tilgås fra vores Members Area i Kajabi app´en, lige når du har tid og lyst!

OBS: SMILES er kun tilgængeligt på engelsk.

Here's a closer look at the modules in SMILES:


Skill Up 

Here you will get the foundation of the concept "High Performance". This will help you get a clear understanding of how this course is build up and how it will best serve you. This is an absolute must see.

Mental Mindset 

I will give you strategies and tools to help you be in control of your own thinking pattern to make sure you are equipped to deal with challenges and obstacles and are able to keep a positive spin on things even during difficulties. This will not only make you stronger as a person but you will get through hard times faster and less painful and you will be a better support for those around you.


Influence is something you generate and regardless of the current level of your influence you can always level up in this area. Some people prefer the word role model and that is absolutely fine. The reality is that you have the opportunity of influence every time you interact with others, but it is up to you to decide whether it's a good one or a bad one. So what will it take for you to become more influential? You will get all the answers in this course.

Lead with love 

People are always looking for someone to lead them and that goes for both your professional life as well as your personal life, especially in times of difficulties. What is a good leader to you? In this video the concept is to teach leadership from a place of love, empathy, understanding and recognition and you will be getting everything you need to put these strategies to action right away.


Do you ever wish you had more energy? What would your day look like if we could 3x your current energy level? It would be awesome, right?! Well that is exactly what will happen if you implement the tools and the strategies from this module and don't worry...It is not about training for a marathon or only eat broccoli. It is far more comfortable ;)

Success Planning 

Have you ever heard the saying "Plan the work and work the plan"? In this video you will be given some tools that will provide you with daily clarity so you don't get overwhelmed no matter how much there is on your plate. Also, I will teach you exactly how to create a plan so you can get stuff done and move your dreams and ambitions forward without ending your week being behind.

Trusted by...

Camilla Beer

Strategic Business Development Manager

Nothing changes until someone moves…

…and that’s what I’ve decided to do.

If you want to spend time learning about your own and other people’s fundamental mechanisms and become a better version of yourself, let me introduce you to Majbrit. Having spend 4 hours in her “company” (Yeah, I know she was only on my screen, but she burns through!!) I’m on fire. Her enthusiasm, sharing and obvious skills in this matter is amazing.

During my past 15 years as a business leader I’ve come across not so few, “Renew yourself & Get focused” programs but this approach is surely different. It doesn’t only focus on your abilities as a leader but helps you gain a different mindset in your approach to life and relationships and how you can affect other people’s perspective by doing things differently and consciously making choices to make the most of every situation with more energy, attentiveness and dedication.

So, what can you expect from this program?

In SMILES you get 6 videos and 2 bonus videos with Majbrit taking you through theory, practical exercises and enough food for thoughts to fill your mental plate. After the video session (20-30 minutes) you can download a worksheet to help you transform the content to how it can work for you. This way of learning really works for me. I would recommend spending some time every Sunday; evaluate last weeks efforts, listen to the next session and plan for your next week. It will be time well invested.

All the skills are directly applicable though they might seem scary at first (changing your fundamental way of thinking usually is) however, I felt safe, secure and well guided all the way through as Majbrit was a pillar with her personal learnings and stories, during this transformation.

Not only am I beginning to change to the more efficient, influential and focused me I saw a direct effect in my surroundings from day 1 when putting my new skills to the test. Just choosing a different approach and focus when meeting your family, friends and colleagues will have a dramatic effect. You can choose to become a better version of yourself – I know I’ll strive to achieve it and with these skills, it doesn’t seem like a difficult task anymore – hard work might be required 😊

And last but not least…the Success Planning module…WOW that’s a real gamechanger for me – my team is going to love it. I plan to take charge of my own success and not wait for my turn.

I know I’m hooked for life.

Grab it TODAY for just €27,-

Henrik Andersen

CEO Herman Consult

Majbrit is a living example of High Performance Living. You immediately feel her energy, and sense she is definitely taking her “own medicine”. Over coffee she told me three daily routines, that had a huge impact on me. I still use them every day. Smiles is an online course for you if you want improvements in your life right away, but don't want to priorities face to face meetings. Its excellent for flights, hotels or home-studying. The course gave me easy tools to get more energy, handle things that stresses me and improves my communication and relationships.

Grab it TODAY for just €27,-

Camilla Smorawski

Behavior - Contact and Welfare Educator 

Majbrit Bøttger holds the long end of the stick in regards to personal and professional development with her company High Performance Living.

Even though I was practically "born" a High Performer I still benefited a great deal from SMILES.

Due to various experiences in my life I have taught myself to live from a positive point of view even though at the time I didn't know the theory behind what I was doing.

SMILES have given me a more concrete knowledge of what kind of  tools, strategies and human values High Performance Living is build upon.

It also gave me a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that comes in play when you have a positive mindset versus a negative one, the reasons some people are like magnets to others and the understanding of why some people at times feels provoked by people with a high performers mindset.

SMILES have confirmed my believes in the fact that we always have a choice and if you are steering towards an unwanted destination it is up to you to change the course. You are responsible for your own happiness and the energy for that is build upon a healthy lifestyle both mentally, emotionally and physically.

In order to follow through on that structure and routine is everything and an absolute MUST if you want to be able to find the inner peace to navigate  in all layers of an everyday life.

The concept of one module a week is awesome. There are many valuable informations in every module and it is followed by hands on tips and ideas.

The new knowledge can take a while to comprehend and test in real life so the worksheets in every module is a brilliant way of making it more accessible.

The downloads are simple and efficient easy-to-use tools that will help you get started, keep the focus, evaluate and stay on track.

My own biggest wins in SMILES…

  • Skill Up is a really good intro to the concept and at the same time clarifies the terms and expectations and that lowers the risk of misunderstandings remarkably. Most misunderstandings comes from lack of alignment and clarity in our expectations to each others actions and way of thinking.
  • Mental Mindset is giving you a clear understanding of how your mindset affects your actions and the people around you. I got goose bumbs when Majbrit gave an example from one of her own interactions with her children. The difference in the relationship with the children in the two ways of interacting is huge...even though she only makes a slight adjustment in the way she engage with them.
  • Influence is about how we follow the people we believe in, admire and believe care for us. Influence is ALWAYS ”WIN WIN”!!!

My reason for going through SMILES was to be better at communicating my high performance mindset to people I interact with both personally and professionally.

I do occasionally meet people who feels provoked by my joy and optimism and interpret it as if I neglect their issues and don't take them seriously even though I'm only trying to help them get through in an easier way.

That's why I needed new skills in understanding how other people think and what that way of thinking do to their ability to act and navigate in what they themselves might consider as chaos so I can approach them in the way that will best serve them. 

I'm still studying and I look forward to keep implementing my new knowledge...this is an ongoing process.

Grab it TODAY for just €27,-